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Salvus Public Affairs

How We Can Help

Salvus provides a unique and tailored set of services to our clients.

Our lean & Intelligent design Delivers for clients

As a force-multiplier Salvus offers real ROI.  In the last 18 months alone, Salvus has helped secure over ½ BILLION dollars in U.S. government sales, in addition to buttressing our clients reputational, legal, and business goals.  Notably, Salvus’ mean return on investment beat the industry average for similar services by over 23X.

Salvus’ impact for clients includes:

Capturing financing


Salvus is an expert in contracting, government procurement and financing. Agencies and companies are increasingly relying on new models both in terms of acquisition and underwriting. Our experience for clients includes work maximizing:


  • Rapid-acquisition and OTA(s) for commercial and non-traditional firms
  • Sole-source and capital finance program
  • Highly specialized discretionary and competitive government/grant programs
  • Public private partnerships and impact investment models
  • Partnership and channel agreements
  • Effects of tax changes and programs
  • Small business and MWBE investments
  • Philanthropic and corporate socially responsible efforts

Keeping You One Step Ahead


Ideally, companies should target resources toward opportunities with the greatest likelihood of success. Reacting simply to announced funding or changes in policy decisions, doesn’t put your firm on an even playing field with the market, it keeps you behind it. Salvus helps firms stay one-step ahead, by taking a tailored and data driven approach to:


  • Sizing-up markets
  • Originating new channels or partners
  • Measuring opportunities
  • Neutralizing competitors’ advantages
  • Connecting the best champions to yours clearest and highest goals

Building Your Brand and Fortifying Reputations


How decision-makers within government and, more broadly stakeholders and  consumers at large view companies is both rapidly changing and increasingly important.  Research consistently shows a positive corporate reputation increases customer perceived value and purchase intention (Hansen 2008) as well as customer loyalty (Fombrum and Riel 1997), and the largest group of stakeholders who are affected by reputation are investors (Arikan 2012).  Yet companies or causes are at times slow to reach building their reputation.  Salvus offers clear experience guiding companies in this arena with extensive working side by side marketing leaders and teams, leveraging investments in traditional, digital, and social landscapes.

Addressing Tough Questions


When executives face a crisis, or a cause disrupts a company, Salvus has been called up to assure the best choices are made.  With deep understanding not only of communications, but of the law and criminal justice, Salvus has the proven ability to synthesize issues quickly and execute a responsible and responsive plan.

Advancing Advocates


Salvus is a seasoned navigator in uncovering, educating, and identifying champions both within government, and in related industries, media, research, and academia.  When a difficult or promising issue arises, you will want to assure that a cadre of experts and leaders are working on your behalf, aligning their interests with yours, amplifying or strengthening your point of view, as well as quickly addressing issues with technical precision.    Salvus has a track-record building a team dedicated and tailored to your work.

Salvus Delivers

Building Relationships

Advancing sales, organizational, and business development

Success at Sales

Winning new business in government sales and in related industry

Building Your Brand

Elevating and amplifying reputations

Advancing Advocates

Facilitating government champions

Comprehensive Solutions

Originating technical solutions that spur long-term growth

Program Management

Managing complex programs

Public Affairs

Mitigating a media or regulatory crisis

One Step Ahead

Neutralizing competitors’ advantages


Stewarding media, sales and grassroots

Salvus Public Affairs Case Studies