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Case Studies

Examples of effective impact on client engagement

Breaking into new verticals through business-to-business growth.

Working with a valued client that was diversifying and penetrating new verticals, Salvus originated strategic relations as well as contractual terms with an industry telecom giant who holds an over market share in SLED and federal markets, estimated at $532.8B USD. Salvus accelerated sales channels, elevated reputations, defined areas of opportunity and integration, and organized joint marketing actions. The projected value of this effort for the client is over $26M in new sales.

Revenue growth of over

$26 Million

to the client.

Crisis averted.

Salvus is trusted in a crisis. When executives from a $30M non-profit as well as an investment start-up faced cases of exposure from wrong-doing from inside their firms, Salvus was relied upon to safely effectuate a comprehensive plan. The resulting efforts leveraged our unique legal, criminal justice, and public affairs experience to guide senior leadership, garner facts, and mitigate risk by capturing support and distilling advisable options.

Proactive strategy for 

Crisis planning.

Cutting red-tape and beating bureaucratic barriers at the federal level.

For a leading medical device company, Salvus helped re-capture $400M in government sales.  Salvus’ efforts neutralized a competitors’ protest at the Department of Defense, as well as garnered key intelligence and relations related to the company’s business priorities.

Helped recapture

$400 Million

in government sales.

Generating a good DEFENSE is the best offense.

In less than year, for a growing defense and technology company, Salvus stood up-champions on Capitol Hill and engineered $18M in new business from an influential procurement that had repeatedly stalled within the Department of Defense.


$18 Million

in new business.

Innovation in  state & local government.

Salvus leadership stewarded the nation’s first statewide social impact bond for the State of New York, leveraging support from the White House to capture a $14M grant and a multi-year, multi-million dollar investment from the financial sector.  Salvus is also working with local government(s) to originate compelling smart city/IoT and transportation  projects, leveraging existing transit modes and alternative ones.

Captured a

$14 Million

grant and a multi-year, multi-million dollar investment.

Paving a way to grow regional market share.

A Fortune 5 engineering firm lacked access to decision makers, and the success they wanted in a pivotal East coast regional market. After a year, this changed when leaders from the company worked with Salvus principals and subsequently secured a highly competitive, multi-year/million-dollar award as part of what the U.S. Vice-President deemed the “most important” infrastructure project in U.S. The work, coming on the precipice of the company’s acquisition, was apart of a signature private public partnership, directing market priming, managing financing, and offering additional technical services for an over $30B project slated to reshape rail transit in the nation’s busiest corridor.

Secured signature work in

the most important infrastructure project in the United States.